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Stock Live Coral Frags are Cut to Order and Need 1-2 Week Healing Time


Our Zoanthid Corals Stock Selection. Zoanthids are easily our favorite corals we grow. We have an extensive collection to offer and pride ourselves for the variety we carry. Zoanthids come in all shapes and sizes, funky names, and we love them all. Most Zoanthids are great for beginners and do not consume much elements such as Alkalinity, Calcium, and Magnesium, making them low maintenance.

Zoanthid corals are a great choice for any reefer looking to add coloration to their reef. Our selection focuses on Rare Zoanthids and Collector Morphs! Click on the corals to learn more about their care, a brief description, and origins!

All Stock Photos of Corals are photographed under Kessil LED Lights.