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"The Stuff Legends Are Made Of"

"... Legendary Corals are exactly what you’d expect from a company with such a specific name. It’s rare that you deal with a company that truly loves what they do. Everything from initial communication to packaging is done with a genuine passion for our hobby. Included in every package is a handmade stamp, Legendary Corals sticker, business card, and wait for it, even a piece of candy! 

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Gwen S.

This was my first order from Legendary Corals and it was amazing. The Zoas arrived exactly when they said they would in perfect condition. We received more then the polyp count we ordered and they already have some babies! This will be my go to for ordering my corals online.

Blue Raven Colony 2.jpg

Casimir K.

This was my first ever order of coral online. Corals came in packed well and almost immediately upon entry into my tank after some short and crude acclimation they all entered the tank happy with polyps extended! Now they are all well settled and continue to grow for me! Can’t stress enough how happy I am.

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Reid D.

I have shopped with Legendary Corals several times and they never disappoint! An amazing selection of unique corals to choose from and their customer service is spot on! Darwin is a very genuine individual and is always willing to lend a helping hand when you are in need. I recommend Legendary to anyone looking to brighten up their tank with new coral!!

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