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Our Shipping Method is Above The Rest

Purchasing corals online can be a nerve-wracking experience for first time buyers. The transit during shipping is easily the most stressful part for your corals. Knowing how to properly ship corals is the difference between receiving a healthy specimen and a DOA. 

Here at Legendary Corals, every frag is heat sealed and double bagged to ensure a 100% leak free journey. We check your weather and aim to keep the temperature of the box safe for the corals, using heat or ice packs if needed, at no extra cost. Over the past 5 years, we've been complimented for having the best shipping method hobbyists have ever experienced.

We take the extra steps to ensure that these corals arrive to their new homes in the safest and most stress-free manner possible. You can rest easy knowing that no corners are cut when ordering with us.

ReefHacks Online Blog Review

Three Days Delayed from FedEx

A thorough review of receiving an order from us, written by saltwater and reef aquarium blog site Reef Hacks. In their order, the corals were delayed by FedEx for three days, which is something that unfortunately happens. 

Click the link below to find out how the corals adjusted, even being in transit three times longer than they should have.

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