Oh boy... is this one phenomenal favia. Golden yellow body with deep navy blue and teal polyps. An intense crimson red develops on the body over time, and sometimes inbetween the polyps. The polyps on this strain get rather large compared to other favias. This is a very rare favia that you only see available a few times a year. 


Start this coral off in lower light for a few weeks, allowing it to adjust to your reef. Once comfortable, you can move it around. For success, give it a weekly feeding of coral food (we use Benepets).


Stock frags are made to order. Heal time is around 1-2 weeks.

Yellow Submarine Favia, WYSIWYG

  • Originator

    Purp's - 2015

  • Care Level

    A good intermediate level coral. Best tried after you've had success with a few other easier corals first.

  • Growth Rate

    Slow, increased growth with feeding such as Benepets.

  • Lighting Placement

    Prefers to be kept in lower light. 

    Currently kept under Kessil A360X units. Mounting height 24" above water line. 12:00PM - 10:00PM at 100% blue intensity.

  • Flow Strength

    Prefers a lower flow strength.

    Currently kept with Maxspect Gyre 350s Pumps.

  • Supplements

    Brightwell's Amino Acids, Lugols, Replenish, Restor, Potassion, KoralColor.

    Benepets Coral Food.