A show stopper of a favites! This favites looks like its on fire with its dual bright yellow and red rims. It gets its name from the small glitters seen on the red. The WWC Blood Diamonds Favites isn't a particularly tricky Favites to keep, but its not the easiest either. Give it a little special attention, especially when choosing a place for it to adjust. It doesn't enjoy being fragged often and will need a bit more time to adjust to a new home before growing and coloring up to its full potential. Starting this piece off on the sandbed or low in the tank is recommended, with some light weekly feeding. 

WWC Blood Diamonds Favites, WYSIWYG

  • Originator

    World Wide Corals

  • Care Level

    A good intermediate level coral. Best tried after you've had success with a few other easier corals first.

  • Growth Rate

    Slow, increased growth with feeding such as Benepets.

  • Lighting Placement

    Prefers to be kept in lower light. 

    Currently kept under Kessil A360X units. Mounting height 24" above water line. 12:00PM - 10:00PM at 100% blue intensity.

  • Flow Strength

    Prefers a lower flow strength.

    Currently kept with Maxspect Gyre 350s Pumps.

  • Supplements

    Brightwell's Amino Acids, Lugols, Replenish, Restor, Potassion, KoralColor.

    Benepets Coral Food.

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