One of the coolest zoanthids we have the pleasure of growing in the farm. This zoanthid is closer to the "Vampire" family of zoanthids, which are known for their silver like body coloration as opposed to the more well known JF Bloodshots. The body of the VW Bloodshots is a metallic pastel teal-blue. It can change to a more soft blue under lower light, so give this piece medium lighting if you'd like to keep the metallic coloration on it. The center of VW Bloodshots are a magenta-pink coloration. 


This zoanthid morph tends to get confused with Sonic Flares/ Vamps in Drags. Both have very similar patterns, but this one has a more pink center and softer blue coloration, while the Sonic Flares have a more distinct silver body with red rings. 

VW Bloodshots Zoanthids

Frag Size
  • Vance Willer

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