A soft pink base with rare white polyps. The lashes around the polyps are a beautiful golden tone. This piece is great for any hobbyist looking to add some pinks in their aquarium.

UC Splendiferous Cyphastrea

Frag Size
  • Originator

    Ultra Corals

  • Care Level

    Great for all experiences

  • Growth Rate

    A decent grower! Increased growth with feeding such as Benepets.

  • Lighting Placement

    Prefers to be kept in lower light. 

    Currently kept under Kessil 360x, all blue spectrum.

  • Flow Strength

    Prefers low to medium flow.

    Currently kept with Maxspect Gyre 350s Pumps.

  • Supplements

    Brightwell's Amino Acids, Lugols, Replenish, Restor, Potassion, KoralColor.

    Benepets Coral Food.

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