The original "Hornet" was the Purple Hornet, named after its alterating purple and yellow skirt. Similar to the yellow and black banding of the insect hornet. However, the pattern trait that stuck the most from it was the beautiful clean ring it had around the mouth. Now, the name "Hornet" is given to most zoanthids with the ring pattern.


The Rainbow Hornet does not have alternating skirts, but from far away no one can really tell. It has the bright ring in the center just like all other Hornets, and has a handsome deep purple-blue body with gorgeous metallic orange skirts! Rainbow Hornets also went by the name Flaming Hornets, after their brilliant orange skirts, but the name Rainbow Hornets became more commonly used as the years went by. 


Rainbow Hornets have a more thin and "flat" body appearance compared to other Hornet types, such as the infamous Red, Blue, and Purple Hornets (which are plumpy and juicy). They grow much more compact and have a slightly faster growth rate. We suspect that it's a different species of zoanthids than the original trio hornets. But that doesn't make it any less desirable! The skirts as mentioned before are a brilliant metallic orange that makes it glow under LEDs! The yellow ring is a welcomed contrast among the purple-blue body. And the biggest plus, is it is much easier to care for than other Hornet types. 


This is an amazing zoanthid for any level of reefer, as the colors just pop and its fairly easy to grow.

Rainbow Hornets Zoanthids 3p, WYSIWYG