Frag is on a 3/4" frag plug.


Gary's (owner of Reef Pets) wife suggested he named this morph after the alternating yellow skirts similar to a hornet. This morph fetched very high sums when he first put it for bid on eBay and started the hornet craze. This morph has a deep purple base and a center.


Common Mis-Identified Purple Hornets:

There is a similar morph called "Purple Stingers" that goes around as Purple Hornets, when in fact is a different morph. Purple Stingers are a much more "flat" zoanthid and do not have alternating skirts. They also grow twice as fast as OG Purple Hornets. Blue Hornets are also mistaken as Purple Hornets, but Blue Hornets have a white center while Purple Hornets do not.

OG Purple Hornets Zoanthids 1p, WYSIWYG

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