Extremely similar to the original Vampire Zoanthids back from Planet Zoa, but with a much brighter silver ring and deeper reds. We found this piece back in 2015 and since then it's made its way into many collector's reef tanks. It's much easier to care then the original Vampires and the silver ring is also much more stable, making it much more desirable than the original. We're not even sure if the original strain is even still in the hobby. 


Polyps of the LC Vampire Slayers can vary in size. They can be as small as a Rasta and can large like a Paly. We'd say they're more so of a medium sized polyp. The pattern may also vary, as some polyps have the bright silver ring while others have a more peachy tone. Either way, the polyps will change according to the tank and conditions given to them. And even then, they'll display some variance. The different colors and pattern is a part of their charm!

LC Vampire Slayers Zoanthids

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