A stunning bright fuchsia coloration with starking black contrasts. This zoanthid also has small glitters throughout its body. When the glitters are looked at with its black coloration, it gives off an outer space like feel, which the name "Andromeda" was inspired from. LC Andromedas Zoanthids are only offered very few times throughout the year due to their slow growth and popularity. If you see this beauty in stock and are considering it, don't wait too long!


Stock frags are made to order. Heal time is around 1-2 weeks.

LC Andromedas Zoanthids

  • Originator

    Legendary Corals

  • Care Level

    Best tried after you've had success with a few other easier corals first and have an understanding of basic reef chemistry such as keeping salinity, alkalinity, calicium, and magnesium levels consistent. The coral itself is very easy to care for if you test for your parameters often and have created a consistent maintanence routine for your reef! 

  • Growth Rate

    A slow gr