If you're looking for a first high-end mushroom, this is a great one to pick up. The Juggernaut Bounces in our system typically grow to about 1-1/2" before they split, but we've seen them grow larger in other reef tank systems. The Juggernaut is known for having bubble like traits not just on the body, but on the skirt! With its blue body and deep maroon nodules, this mushroom makes a handsome addition to beginner and advanced reef aquariums. 

Juggernaut Bounce

Frag Size
  • Originator


  • Care Level

    Great for all experiences

  • Growth Rate

    Slow. Increased growth with feeding such as Benepets.

  • Lighting Placement

    Prefers to be kept in lower light. 

    Currently kept under Kessil 360x, all blue spectrum.

  • Flow Strength

    Prefers low flow. Too strong of a flow may cause it to deattach.

    Currently kept with Maxspect Gyre 350s Pumps.

  • Supplements

    Brightwell's Amino Acids, Lugols, Replenish, Restor, Potassion, KoralColor.

    Benepets Coral Food.

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