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Gorgeous Blue and Bubbly Ricordea Florida Mushroom, WYSWIYG Coral

Gorgeous Blue and Bubbly Ricordea Florida Mushroom, WYSWIYG Coral

The photos are of the WYSIWYG coral on a large 1.5" Alternative Reef frag disk.

Ricordea Florida Mushroom Corals are one of our favorite corals of all time. Their unique bubbly body along with the never ending variety of bright fluorescent colors make them an extremely desirable coral to keep. Ricordea Florida Mushrooms can handle a bit more light compared to their Ricordea Yuma relative. Multi-Colored/ Rainbow colored variants tend to brighten up and develop stronger colors when kept under direct blue LED lighting. Feeding them once in awhile will help prevent them from bleaching/ turning pale, which is usually caused by too much light or lack of nutrients.


Ricordea Florida come in all sorts of different colors, and their fluorescent coloration adds an instant "punch" of color to the home aquarium. If you are able to keep Zoanthids well, Ricordeas are very similar in care and should do very well! 


Acclimating a new Ricordea Florida Mushroom is very similar to introducing any other Mushroom Coral. Place it in a place of low flow and light to allow it to adjust to your home aquarium. If it's doing well, feel free to move it afterwards. If it shows signs of stress/ looks like it is about to detach from its base, placing it into a mushroom box (look up Mushroom Acrylic Box) with loose rubble would a be a good idea. If it detaches, it will still be confined within the box and reattach to any loose rubble.