Yowza! Hot chili red body with blue and chili green eyes. Under the right conditions, a yellow/ orange ring will form giving this favites an even more stunning contrast. Keeping the optimal colors for this piece is a bit tricky, as it keeps its colors bright and vibrant when happy under lower lighting. But will dull down do a more maroon base if something is amiss in the system. Keeping the brightest colors is tricky, but the care for it is quite the opposite, as it does well in nearly all tanks. This is a phenomenal first favites for any reefer, and if you can care for it properly it will reward you with stunning vibrant colors.


Start this coral off in lower light for a few weeks, allowing it to adjust to your reef. Once comfortable, you can move it around. For success, give it a weekly feeding of coral food (we use Benepets).

Gonzo's Spicy Lemon Favites, WYSIWYG

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