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Goblins on Fire Zoanthids

Goblins on Fire Zoanthids

Green center, blue ring, and fiery red/orange skirt. Around the size of a rasta zoa morph. Not to be confused with Electric Oompa Loompas, which are a lighter shade of green and are paly sized. Also similar to Emeralds on Fire but don't have a blue mouth.

  • Originator

    Zeppelin - 2007

  • Care Level

    Great beginner coral! Does not consume elements such as alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium readily. A great choice if you're looking to keep a low maintenance reef or are just getting into the hobby and haven't built a strong understanding of the hobby yet.

  • Growth Rate

    A decent grower! Increased growth with feeding such as Benepets.

  • Lighting Placement

    Prefers to be kept in lower to medium lighting. 

    Currently kept under Kessil A360X units. Mounting height 24" above water line. 12:00PM - 10:00PM at 100% blue intensity.

  • Flow Strength

    We recommend starting smaller zoanthid frags in lower flow until it reaches a small colony size. Once established, increase the flow level to avoid any detritus building up in between the mat. If detritus builds up inside the matting of the zoanthid, it can cause bacterial issues.

    Currently kept with Maxspect Gyre 350s Pumps.