Another classic piece that's become a favorite among all hobbyist. You may have seen the abbreviation CARs when someone was talking about these. With their contrasting red and green body coloration, they make a bold statement in any reef tank. The red skirts even have a metallic hue! Under higher light, Candy Apple Reds can gain a slight yellow ring around the green center. 


Different strains of Candy Apple Reds are extremely sought after, such as Candy Apple Oranges (more pronounced yellow ring) and Bowsers (a high end zoanthid with a large amount of yellow in the center). Candy Apple Reds will not gain as much yellow in the center as the previous two mentioned morphs, but are still beautiful in their own way. 


These polyps can get large but look great under higher light, where the polyp becomes more compact and packed with colors. Higher light also helps to bring out any yellow in the center.


Stock frags are made to order. Healing time is about 1-2 weeks.

Candy Apple Reds Zoanthids