A gorgeous home grown branching Frogspawn with crystal clear tentacles. The tips of this Frogspawn are a rare two tone. Some part of it are a bright metallic green and while some others are a deep blue-purple. This Frogspawn is the branching variety, which is much easier to keep in captivity and also can be propagated. 


Special Note: Frogspawn coral's tentacles can sting neighboring corals. Be sure to give them ample room to grow and for the tentacles to extend. Frogspawn corals can generally be kept with Hammer corals, but Torch corals will sting them. 


Stock frags are made to order. Heal time is around 1-2 weeks.


One Mouth is for one head. Two mouths will be for one head splitting into two and has two seperate mouths.

Bicolor Crystal Branching Frogspawn