A great variety of pieces for all reefers! An amazing price as well. Pieces are named left to right.

Row 1: LC Sapphire Psammacora, SCA Peppermint Cyphastrea, LC Sunshine Psammacora, JF B'Dazzled Cyphastrea

Row 2: JF Burning Banana Stylocoeniella, LC Shockfire Psammacora, LC Desert Oasis Cyphastrea, LC Blizzard Cyphastrea

Row 3: LC Monarch Psammacora, Gonzo's Spicy Lemon Favites, LC Blue Flame Psammacora, UC Splendiferous Cyphastrea

Row 4: Fascination Favites, LC Blue Diesel Psammacora, CB Bling Bling Cyphastrea, TSG Watermelon Psammacora

Beautiful Encruster Packs, 3 WYSIWYG Pieces to Choose From

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