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Reef Hobbyist Magazine Q3 2021 - Front Cover!

Hello there Legendary Reefers,

For Reef Hobbyist's Q3 2021 Magazine I've had the great fortune to be my nerdy coral loving self and write about a few Zoanthids I found special. Little did I know that Reef Hobbyist chose to use my photo and article as their front cover! I wasn't even aware until I had some of you send me emails of congratulations.

The article starts on page 26 and is about a select few Zoanthid Morphs: Frankie's Acid Trips, PZ Prometheans, SBB Hephaestus. and RR USA Koala Eyes. The article goes into details about their descriptions, care tips, and the history on who originated these beautiful Zoanthid morphs. If you're a lover of Zoanthids like me, you might enjoy learning about their background and the people who have made it possible for us to enjoy these specific polyps.

I hope you enjoy the read, and let me know if there's anything else Zoanthids related that you'd like to know about down in the comments!

Click link below or the photo to read the article:



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