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This week marks our 9th Anniversary of being in business. We have 500+ WYSIWYG pieces to choose from, all at incredible discounts. As a token of our thanks, all orders will receive a frag included inside each box. Discounts, free shipping at $350, and free frags? Now that's a great Anniversary Live Sale!


Free shipping on orders that reach $350!


Our Anniversary Sale will end on Sunday, Feb 5th.


A Focus on High End Aquacultured Corals

We started Legendary Corals in 2013, focusing on aquaculturing high end and rare corals. Over 70% of our corals are propagated to 2nd or 3rd generations before being offered, making their odds of surviving in a home aquarium much higher as opposed to purchasing wild corals.


Offering aquacultured corals keeps the hobby sustainable, allowing the industry to maintain a large variety of corals without heavily relying on the ocean.

A description and care sheet for each coral is available on our site, allowing you to understand the requirements needed to keep them thriving. We want you to be in this hobby for the long run, and purchasing healthy corals from the start is one of the most important steps.

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San Jose, CA

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